Kerri and Jason | Adventure mountain session

I have been so Excited to finally share this blog, I’v been sitting on it for a few months now just waiting for the right time. Kerri and Jason Actually won this session in a contest I had for a free engagement session. We wanted to do something super fun and super them. So we thought about it for a while and then Kerri mentioned one of the things they like to do together was off road Jeeping! I knew right then this was going to be Epic. Day of the shoot these two picked me up in there super rad jeep and we made our way to mount Laguna for what was sure to be an amazing shoot. One thing I love about “Adventure Sessions” is the couple is down for anything! We got to the mountain and took a dirt road a few miles in until our paths Crossed with part of the Pacific Coast Trail. There is where the magic ensued. We ended our night with a pink smoke bomb but an incredible sunset.