How to Crush your engagement shoot | Esmeralda and robert

How to Crush you Engagement shoot, I really wanted to blog about this subject this week because its something I have been asked about a lot. Some of the top things I hear from my clients are, We are awkward and nervous in front of the camera. Where do you think we should shoot, what do I wear, etc etc. so I am here to tell you my beautiful clients and maybe even someones else beautiful clients how to totally kill your engagement session. 

Step one -pick an awesome photographer even if its not me haha find someone  who you connect with in some way, a connection to their work, their style, their hometown whatever it might be. Also a great photographer will help you with prompts and help make you feel at ease in front of the camera. 

Step two- "where do we shoot"? again I am going to use the word connection, find a place that the two of you love together, maybe its the place you actually got engaged. Maybe its your favorite hiking trail. Maybe your beach bums and 50 percent of your relationship revolves around being at the beach. Find that connection. I while ago I got photograph a couple who's favorite thing to do together was off road jeeping yes thats right. So what did we do, we took that jeep out and all three of us went off roading it was a blast and eventually I will blog that session haha.  

Step three - you've got your photographer, your location and now comes what to wear, this is one of the funnest parts for me and you can really use your location to your advantage, If your location is a lake and the two of you love paddle boarding throw on a swimsuit! get out there and do some paddle boarding together. If you guys are motorcyclists put on that sexy leather, Use your location and the things that you love to do to help you plan out your outfits. Also for my personal shooting style it never hurts to have something with lots of movement but thats just me haha. 

Step four- this is the most important thing of all, BE YOURSELF. Stop worrying about how your engagement photos will compare to your friend Stacy and Brad's you know Stacy and Brad, we all know a Stacy and Brad. They are that #couplesgoals couple. Forgot them, you are your own couple and you get to revel in it, this is your time!  Don't worry about how awkward you think you look, you don't.  Think about the time your partner asked you to marry them think about the day you met. Think about your upcoming wedding day and just have fun! 

Ok thats it thats all the advice I have for you Now Im going to let Esmeralda and Robert show you how its done.