Anais and Becca | Mission Inn Hotel and Spa

So first off, Finding words to describe this wedding has been super difficult for me haha. I mean it's always pretty hard for me to describe the feelings of a wedding day, How beautiful couples are together,  The feeling the emotions ect, How do you put into words such magical feelings. This was one of the most spectacular venues I have had the pleasure of shooting at. Its has the old world charm of a classic California mission but then has this stunning castle vibe also. Every nook and cranny of this venue has something special hidden in it.

Becca Is from Ireland, and Anais is a so-cal Native. They met in Venice While working on the same podcast show they were both writers for. 3 weeks in to their Romance they new they would spend forever together.

So I introduce you to their Happily Ever after. For now, until they do I second wedding in Ireland!!