Samantha & David | Bird Rock Engagement session on a gloomy day

a little less than a year ago, I set up a contest. I was looking for a few couples who would let me shoot them for free. Basically, the reason behind this was that I just wanted to have fun. I wanted to photograph couples and be able to experiment and practice new things without the expectation of receiving photos that were my typical style. I received some inquiries for some very brave souls. Samantha and David happen to one of those couples. We choose the beach for their session and I had been wanting to photograph at this particular beach for some time so we choose this secretive little San Diego beach. Our day was gloomy and a bit foggy, but if you ask me I think it was perfect. As much as I love the sun and believe me, I do, I adore an overcast moody sky just as much. I met Samantha and David for the first time at the shoot, and we hit it off. They were 100% willing to try and do whatever I asked. even sit on a rock and get completely splashed. So much good came from being able to shoot with no expectations it was so much fun to just get to play.