Lindsey and Alex | intimate Ocean Beach wedding

When Lindsey first asked me If I was available to photograph her wedding to Alex, I was so honored, You See Lindsey and I both grew up in a small town in Utah where went to high school together. We were always friendly but our circles just didn’t cross much and Im not sure we actually “hung” out, but I always liked Lindsey and thought she was super nice. The years went by and I found myself living here in San Diego, well Lindsey also found herself here, San Diego is a great place to live haha. I got to hang out with Lindsey a couple times since a mutual friend had also moved here, and my suspicions that she was Awesome were confirmed.

Lindsey met Alex while they were both working at Gossip Grill, If you live in San Diego and don’t know about Gossip Grill I urge to go now and check it out. They quickly fell madly in love and had the amazing team at Gossip Grill as a support system.

When their wedding day finally came I got to know Alex a lot more and these two are so perfect for each other. In Alex’s own words it was such a love bubble of a day. I think everyone just felt so protected and loved, For me it really was such a memorable wedding day. Filled with friends and family, this small intimate ceremony on the beach followed by an awesome time at wonderland bar and restaurant was so magical.