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for the lovers and the dreamers.

 California based + travel world wide Photographing Engagements, Elopements and weddings.

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"Sara was amazing! I spent hours looking for a photographer who knew how to capture moments instead of just posed pictures…


 We absolutely love to travel and do it as often as we can. There is something so thrilling about a new place, and we are always eager to see what adventures are in store. So, if you're thinking of eloping in, say, Greece, hell yeah we can come! Or even if you want that small ceremony in Zion National Park, we can come to that to.  


Travel Dates 


October- Ireland 







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                  So, ready to become part of the Pink Feather Family?

The Lowdown 

Wondering how this whole process works? Well here's the lowdown. Send us a little email about your event, give us the deats, the more the better. We'll send you our welcome packet, and if you like what you see we will set up a coffee/beer/hike date whatever your fancy. 


Q: Can we have the Raws

A: I do not give out raws for multiple reasons, The main one is my work is a representation of me and my business, it is my art and I don't give out anything that is not up to my standards.

Q: Do you shoot same sex couples

A: Absolutely!